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How to Pay: A student may bring in a check or cash to pay for breakfast/lunch. There is a dropbox for the students to place money, in an evelope, with their name on it. This box is located inside the cafeteria, just to the left, as you enter.
Also, meals can be purchased online at MyPaymentsPlus.com. The student ID # is
required. After the first breakfast or lunch has been purchased, additional items or
meals can be purchased, but at various costs, and ONLY if there is money in the student's "General Account." Money placed in the student's General Account can be used for
addtional breakfasts, lunches, addittional milk, water or juice. Money placed in the
"Lunch" account can ONLY be used to purchase one breakfast and/or one lunch per day. Students cannont use money designated as "Lunch" to purchase additional food items.
Students who do not have money in their accout are able to charge to the cafeteria.
When students are behind on their payment by the 3rd charge for breakfast or lunch,
they are sent to the office to make a call to notify a parent and will receive a slip
from the office to approve the charge in the cafeteria. This slip will then be
turned in to the cafeteria cashier and the child will be allowed to eat.



$0.75 for students
$2.25 for adults
$0.30 for reduced


$1.55 for students
$4.75 for adults
$0.40 for reduced


additional milk
bottled water
$.25 - $1.00

Meal Prices and Payment

If you feel you are qualified for free or reduced lunch, click here or obtain a
hard copy of the form from your child’s school.  If your child was formerly
classified as a free or reduced student, they continue to be classified as
such for the first 2 weeks of the new school year.  Every year a new
application must be resubmitted for services.

If you have any questions, you may contact
the cafeteria manager, Liz Johnson.
Jessica Bowers
Peggy Murray
Brittany Bradley



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