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Jazz PBS Kids
Used to share jazz education information with students
LMEA District IX Website
Used to communicate information about Honor Band auditions, clinics and locations to parents and students
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
Used to to share information and locations of performances
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Grammar Review
Quizzes, extra practice, and games to help students review grammar rules
iLEAP / LEAP Practice
Louisiana Pass for testing practice
Vocabulary Practice
Various vocabulary games and puzzles
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French Dictionary
Get the definitions for single words, expressions and phrases
Spanish Dictionary
Online Spanish to English or English to Spanish dictionary
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MJH Library Catalog
Allows student to search the MJH library catalog from home
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Decimal Help
Decimal fast facts
For individualized math assistance. Username and password assigned by teacher.
Math Dictionary
A visual dictionary of various math terms
Math Fact Cafe
Can create worksheets and flashcards to help with integers
Order of Operations
Explanation and practice problems
Ten Marks
Used to practice math skills for all topics related to math
That Quiz
Used to take online math quizzes
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My Plate
Compare your eating habits to recommended foods for a healthy you!
Sports Training
Information about sports training
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For individualized math assistance. Username and password assigned by teacher.
National Geographic for Kids
Good for both science and social studies classes
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National Geographic for Kids
Good for both social studies and science classes
Presidents of the United States
Used to research the U.S. Presidents
Storm Pulse
To help students gain updated information on hurricanes with great visuals
To obtain information about current and past weather conditions and hurricanes
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